This workshop for anglers new to fly fishing and who wish to build a strong foundation to accelerate their learning curve and have a strong base to launch their fly fishing passion. - Know the set of skills necessary for successful fly fishing. - Have a foundation for Flies, Knots, Casting, Mending, and Catching. - Know key terminology so you can confidently shop with your local fly shop and go fishing with a friend.
Dave and I headed out to the Fall River today. As you can see from the […]
Wow – my bamboo rod is finished.  Last time I posted I had just completed getting […]
As you will see by the end of this post – my rod is really looking […]
Too fun! Too creative!  I am  mid-way through building my bamboo rod. I realized today how […]
Today I continued my pursuit of hand building my first bamboo fly rod!  My husband, Dave, has […]
When I first started fly fishing I never gave enough credence to the importance of bugs. […]
The summer’s always get busy for me. So I  relish a day where Dave and I […]
Wow – early June and temperatures in the mid-90’s. Where to fish – someplace where waders […]
I just returned from a 3 day fishing trip to Northern California at Clear Water Lodge. […]