Building Your on the Water Skills

Reading the Water & Mastering the Drift

Do you desire to catch more fish? Your skills for reading the water and managing your fly line increase your chance for catching. In this Live Virtual Event – Mary Ann will share her insights she has gleaned from over a decade of guiding for reading the water and line management

So you are at the riverside and you are looking across the water. You’re seriously wanting to catch a fish, but you just don’t know where to start. You were told, fish the seams, fish the structure – but you are still asking, “Where do I start.” In this Live Virtual Education Session, you will learn an efficient approach to dissect the water and maximize your fishing time on fishy water. You’ll learn a practical foundation for reading the water and nuances for different water types from small creeks to large rivers and from freestones to spring creeks.

Hat Creek, Northern California

So now you have planned out the water you want to fish, the next step is how do I position myself. The last step is the line management from your fly touching the water to the hook set. You’ll learn line management techniques specific to your position on the water. You’ll also get insight into presentations casts, increasing the quality of your drift.

The more you know and can do, the greater your opportunity to enjoy your precious time on the water.

Introductory Offer

  • The class cost is $27 and will be limited to 10 students.
  • Purchase is via Eventbrite. Refunds are given if your spot is filled 48 hours prior to the class date.

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