As 2011 draws to an end, I am “cleaning” up my computer. In doing so, I […]
On Saturday, Dave and I explored new steelheading water for us! We headed to Drift Creek […]
I always love taking people for their first fly fishing adventure. This Friday, I had a […]
Dave and I fished the Owyhee River this weekend. It was a blast! The discharge from […]
October – brings cooler days – but you can’t beat spending a few days on the […]
Yesterday I fished the Alsea River sea-run cutthroat. We haven’t had a rain yet to bring […]
This weekend while I was at the International Women’s Fly Fishing Festival, Dave – my hubby, […]
Dave and I spent Friday and Saturday fishing the Metolius River. Yes some time together before […]
On Memorial Day I had the pleasure of teaching flyfishing to Craig and his son, Jacob. […]